Mark & Kate

Marky and Kate, some lovely friends of mine from Cheltenham, asked me to do their wedding photos on the 20th of August.  However we travelled to Abingdon, near Oxford, for the ceremony which was close to their special reception venue Fison Barn – a beautiful location amidst vast countryside with a 19th century eco-barn at the heart of it.  I was so excited to do this wedding as I knew Marky and Kate wouldn’t be your run-of-the-mill Bride and groom. This fact was made manifest when Marky came to collect his bride in a rather foxy red MG soft top in which to whisk her off to the ceremony.  Firstly though, they took time to relax, take it all in, and of course I used this opportunity to take some photos!  I have to say, this is possibly the most funky couple I have had the privilege to photograph and knowing that they were going to MOMA in New York City for their honeymoon gave me the ‘thumbs up’ to get a little more creative and alternative with my shots.  I have loved playing with the colours of my photographs on this wedding, making them a little more vibrant and edgy, I hope you like them too!

Well guys, I wish you all the love, laughter and happiness I can muster for your future.  Congratulations again!



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  1. Hey Sabina,I was kate’s bridesmaid ( the blonde one) Just wanted to say I love,love,love your photos!!! You did a great job!!! It was a pleasure to meet you, hope all is well. Sarah x

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