Tom & Sophie

Tom and Sophie are genuinely one of the most lovely and well suited couples I have had the pleasure of meeting and working for.  So their coming together in marriage on the 25th of May was a truly joyous day! A very sad occurrence was the last minute hospitalisation of the mother of the bride, Ronnie. At least, through the wonders of modern technology, she was able to see the ceremony from her hospital bed, I just hope the pictures give her a window into what happened for the rest of the day as she had such a great part in making it as pretty as it was! (The funky bouquets and bunting and various other details were made by Mummy R! She’s back on her feet now, happily.)

Despite all of the emotional set backs, the weather was glorious, and everyone was in the mood for some serious posing and a right ol’ laugh! (Note in particular the dicey-looking usher’s shot on the ladder- luckily, no-one was hurt!) So many great shots… Thanks to everyone for being such good fun, and for letting me sample the delicious ice-cream!

Sophie, you looked so amazing and it was about time a groomsman sported a dicky-bow- very cool!  Well done guys for making such a beautiful wedding day and being so strong despite difficulties.  I really look forward to doing the family photo shoot with you all!


One thought on “Tom & Sophie

  1. What truly beautiful pictures and a fantastic record of the day. These photos will be treasures forever.
    Well done, Sabina!

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