Tom & Lucy

On Friday the 23rd of August, I travelled down to Worcester with my glamorous second photographer Tania, aka mummy-bear, to shoot the wedding of the Beautiful Lucy Davis and Tom Edwards.  The girls were all very laid back and rather lovely to spend time with in the morning.  Lucy even made time to feed her gorgeous little niece, Autumn, while her bridesmaids were finishing getting ready!  The nerves started to creep in as Lucy was getting into her wedding dress but her devoted bridesmaids were on it – all hands were on deck, or holding a fan toward Lucy!

After an excellent ceremony, with the aid of some fitting visual illustrations, we made our way to The Oak at Upton Snodsbury in Worcester for the reception.  While guests filtered in and enjoyed a delightful glass of Pimms, myself, the Bride & Groom and our lovely chauffeur, slipped away to get some ‘couple’ shots.  I spotted at Hay-bale clad field that was perfect for some alternative location shots.  Thankfully Stuart the chauffeur was on hand to give Tom the needed leg-up to get on that Bale- Thanks Stuart!

The shots with Tom and his groomsmen were very entertaining.  I started out trying to create a suave and sophisticated look but that didn’t last too long so I let the Men be boys and have some fun!  Tom and his best man, Johnny B, broke out into break dance- that’s a first for my groomsmen shots!

The food at The Oak Steak & Grill was absolutely delicious- despite a bit of spitting-the rain kind- the BBQ theme went down a storm.  All the services provided by The Oak were top notch- a really great wedding venue and fabulous staff!

Tom & Lucy, I hope you have had an amazing start to your marriage and I wish you all the best in your future together.  Enjoy the memories below!


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