Nick & Nina

What a wonderful wedding I got to shoot at Wilde Lodge again but this time for the lovely Nick & Nina!

I know I say in most blogs about how amazingly chilled my Bride was … but seriously … Nina was a dream! The poor little bridesmaid was more nervous as you will see!

I guess this is a genuine example of love though – when you are relaxed, contented and just can’t wait to get down that aisle and marry your man – What lush a couple!

So, highlights of this wedding for me:-

  • Doggos in Bows * heart breaks *
  • Confetti explosion – I laugh every time I look at them!
  • Ninas Girl Power!
  • THE cowboy boots
  • Nick’s speech – you’re better than James Bond for sure!
  • Host Jemma’s fabulous cooking
  • The genuine love felt for this amazing pair from the wedding party

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