Bruce Anniversary

I had the pleasure of doing a family photoshoot for the Bruce family – in celebration of the Mum & Dads 30th wedding Anniversary (a present from their children)!

Their home and work is nestled in the beautiful countryside of Westhope, Shropshire and that is where we gathered for the shoot.  This land and in particular the college adjacent to their house has a lot of special memories for them – and even for me, as I photographed their daughters wedding there!

This is genuinely one of the loveliest and most down to earth families I know.  It was such a delight to spend some time with them and observe how this close knit family enjoy life together!

Hood Family

I met up with the lovely Hood family recently for a family photo shoot.  They live up in the hills of Llangunllo … out in the sticks of my home county of Powys!  This was a beautiful place to photograph around and what an amazing place for the little ones to grow up!

The kids were not a fan of walking up the steep incline to the lake up the hill … so their Dad pushed them in the wheelbarrow!  (I think your transformation of a city boy to county bumpkin is complete Matt!)

All in all, Kites, chucking sticks, stomping in puddles, crawling up on hay bales and (my favourite) flinging children into the air, makes for a very fun morning and a happy family photo shoot!


Beckett Family & co.

On the 15th of April I had the pleasure of doing a family photoshoot with three Beckett sons and adjoining family.  This was a weekend spent at the beautiful Hicks Farm in Powys to celebrate a Golden Wedding Anniversary.  The celebrated couple couldn’t actually make it in the end but the they were certainly ‘there in spirit’…I mean ‘sugar’.

Such a lovely family to photograph though – you were all great fun, thank you!