Leanne’s Hen Party

So this was a first for me.  I wasn’t sure what to expect but I didn’t think I’d be seeing anything like a stripper around the beautiful premises of Broadfield Court in our Herefordshire countryside…and don’t worry, I didn’t!!

Leanne, her Maid of Honour, Annie and a mass of her friends had all flocked from the Big Smoke, aka London, to party country-bumpkin style for her Hen weekend.

Within the Broadfield Court grounds, some rather gorgeous little Bell Tents from Faraway Hideaway are nestled amidst the vineyard for glamping.  This is where the party was based and had their fun over the weekend along side wine-tasting, cream teas and altogether rather sophisticated goings on.

When it came to the photo shoot, the girls let themselves loose (as well as their inner child) and had a good laugh!  They had some tutus made specially for the occasion by Annie’s clever mum…so what better thing to do than get them running, jumping, dancing and generally flailing themselves around the grounds to show them off?!

They were great fun and here is a little selection of the photos from the shoot….