Rachel & Tom

Aaaand we’re back!

What a pleasure to be shooting weddings again after this long postponement. I kicked my season off with the lovely Rachel & Tom. It was genuinely such a joy to be surrounded by celebration – a very safe, lateral flow tested celebration may I add!

I got to enjoy the beautiful backdrop of Tall John’s House once again. The sun was shining and the outdoor ceremony couldn’t have been on a better day. Although I did feel sorry for the boys in tweed … it’s the price you pay for looking dapper I suppose!

One of my favourite moments of the day was when I was arranging the girls for a photo outside the door of the main house. I said to get into ‘Goose Formation’ … y’know, the V formation when they fly … but I just thoroughly baffled them! I may not use that expression anymore!! (Is that a saying or did I just make that up?!)

Tom not only gained a wife but two beautiful little daughters on this wedding day! I have to admit, I didn’t realise this until later on in the day because there was so much love and care amongst them all. I love the photo below where the youngest takes hold of Tom’s hand because things were getting emotional during the speeches! What a gorgeous little family this is!

Thank you to Tom and Rachel for having me as your photographer. You gave me a wonderful day to capture! I wish you every happiness together!


Laura & The Goth

Due to this nasty ol’ pandemic, I got to shoot my FIRST wedding of the year on the 22nd of August!!

It’s been quite a kick to the metaphorical shin not getting to work this wedding season but a delightfully eccentric couple bought joy and colour for me to capture at their intimate wedding!

Laura & The Goth were due to get married in London back in May but obviously their plans were scuppered. They couldn’t wait any longer to get married, so hot-footed it to Llandrindod Wells registry office and asked me to join them. With the Welsh restrictions, only 6 people were allowed into the ceremony, so I got to be a witness!!  A lovely and surreal honour!

After the ceremony we went around the scenic Rock Park and then over to the river in Knighton with Lauras parents and Goths ‘Best Wo(man)’!

It was belting it down with rain for the vast majority of the photos but that didn’t dampen the mood.  This little party were full of happy beans and up for getting a bit soggy … Bravo!

I will be photographing Laura & Goths official ‘wedding day’ at some future date yet to be determined.  So expect more colour and creativity to come!