Nikita & Phil

I had a wonderful time shooting the wedding of our darling Nikita (aka ‘Boo’ to some!) and the lovely Phil Smith!  They married on the 12th of May in Evesham but this wedding celebration for me started the day previously.  I had the privilege of staying with the Bridal party the night before at Nikita’s aunt & uncles house (although all males were kicked out for the night).  I just wanted to express great thanks for all the kindness and amazing hospitality shown to me- you ladies were GREAT fun.

Anyways, on to the the wedding day!  The weather was stunning and as you will see throughout the photos, I had some lovely opportunities to play with the light.  The venue was held at ‘The Vale- Golf & Country Club’ in Pershore and the Bride & Groom were supplied with their own wedding Golf Buggy!  Unfortunately we didn’t get time to do any doughnuts in the car park but we did enjoy a good old race of groom vs. ushers- of course Phil got the buggy.

I really enjoyed the time when I got to take Phil & Nikita off around the lake for some personal photos.  They were so relaxed and up for a laugh.  Nikita, thank you for letting us lower you down and hoist you up on and off that picnic rug, especially in such a restrictive corset, you were a star!  You looked absolutely stunning and all the little details throughout the wedding really made for a beautiful day.

I adored their peacock feather theme for Nikitas head piece and the bridesmaids pillbox hats.  Even the groom got a feather in his corsage, along with a green chilli…just to man it up at bit!  Another great feature of the day was their tier of cheeses as an alternative to cake, also offering favours of jared chutney and a green apple for the guests- a lovely idea.

Before this blog turns into a full blown Biography, I will wrap it up and offer Phil & Nikita all my love and best wishes.

You guys are a magnificent couple!

(I think that’s all my adjectives used up for one day!)



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  1. Wow stunning!! Glad I ran a duster over the house:) seriously Sabs a pleasure meeting you, will definitely keep you in mind for any future events, didn’t think it was possible to make Nikita look anymore beautiful:) x (Phil you don’t look too bad yourself:) ) xx

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