Uma & Joseph

On the 14th of July I shot the wedding of Joseph and Uma, which was based in the grounds of the family home in Crickhowell-just next to Abergavenny .  This was an amazing wedding- beautifully unique and quirky.  They had installed some pieces around the garden that made for great photo opportunities- The wooden door, a massive old rusty saw covered in pot plants, a tractor…and so on and so forth!  But I loved the old caravans most of all.  These had been on their property for a long time, they seemed to be apart of the land.  The colours were wonderfully vintage and I loved the whole rustic look!

They did the legal stuff the day before which left a ceremony of songs, united congregation blessings, readings, a few Hindu traditions and of course, the vows between the bride and groom.  With the official bits out of the way, there just seemed to be a wonderful sense of ease and fun.  The location was set amidst the black mountains and had some outstanding views, so of course, they had to have the ceremony outside come rain or shine- and the rain certainly came!  This however was the fantastic part, no one really cared…they just popped up their umbrellas and carried on!  It actually added to the atmosphere, the fog and mist over the mountains was stunning.

Flowered archways were made for the entrance into the aisle, which was a surprise for Uma (you may notice the photo of her reaction).  As well as bunting that lined around the seating area, the scene was bursting with colour.  I just couldn’t bring myself to do too many black and white photos as I thought it a shame to get rid of all the vibrancy.

The marquee that was set up for the food was decorated with lovely personal features.  Lots of photos of both families, travelling and when Jo and Uma met.  All this made you really feel a part of their family and part of the celebrations.  Mind you, every person there that wasn’t a blood relative seemed to be as close as family anyway- this was really nice to see!

Music and singing played a very big part throughout the day.  The congregation took part in singing ‘Walking on Sunshine’ amongst others and they even managed to harmonize under the direction of a talented uncle-  It was fantastic!  A touching performance was given by our groom Joseph and his violin as a tribute to his beautiful new wife.  Following that, some stunning songs were played by friends of Joseph and Uma.  They were all ridiculously talented and it was a privilege to listen to them all.  At this point I wish I was a videographer so I could hear it all again!

Anyway, I’ll shut up and let you look on to the photos.

Joseph, Uma, you are the most beautifully bohemian couple I have had the pleasure to photograph.  Your creativity made for an outstanding wedding day!


4 thoughts on “Uma & Joseph

  1. Aww. It is great to see proof you two are able to show the world how gorgeous you are! The background and scenery are a sensational contribution!

  2. Such beautiful photos! They really capture the spirit of the day and just how amazing it was. A couple very much in love. Uma, you look stunning and Joe you really do scrub up well! Love you both xxx

  3. Hey congratulations uma and joe. It looked (and I’m sure it was so) like such an awesome day. Here’s the best to the both of u! Big hugs n kisses, steph!!

  4. Sabina-what stunning photos-thank YOU so much for your creativity on this very special day. They capture the spirit of the day so well!

    Uma and Joseph-keep up the happy laughter throughout married life! You lucky people-having enjoyed two such colourful celebrations (2nd one in Singapore).

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