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On the 1st of September I got to photograph the wedding of the beautiful Hannah and her lovely man Tim.  I started off at the Family home of ‘E George & Son’ at Pontdolgoch Mill in Caersws, Powys.  I know I have said this about a lot of my brides but Hannah truly was the most laid back bride I’ve ever worked with!  Her bridesmaids were so sweet and supportive…and very diligent with the champagne!

So after a rather relaxed morning of all the girls getting ready, we went to Tregynon Church for the ceremony.  I was received by the eccentric, very chatty but very adorable vicar who got to be a part of the whole day, being a good friend of Tim’s.  It was a lovely ceremony that included two readings.  One by Hannah’s brother, Dan and another by their friend, Anwyn, who read ‘These are the Hands’.  I nearly choked up because I read this poem at my sisters wedding-where I did actually blub (not pretty)!  Durning the signing of the register, an amazing performance was given by a local choir.  I thought this was such a wonderful idea.  Again, this was very emotional!

Afterwards, we got to take some photos around Tim’s family farm.  I really enjoyed this bit, getting to embrace the rustic and unique setting that holds a lot of meaning to the couple.  Backdrops that are realistically gritty always make for great photos; amazing colours and textures with such contrast between the location and the bride & groom in all their finery!  It also lends opportunity to some very humorous shots (Look to the Groomsmen photos!).

The evening reception was beautiful.  A marquee constructed in the field next to Hannah & Tim’s house (how convenient?!) was filled with these lovely young trees and a long stream of paper lanterns that glowed above the heads of the guests.  I learned that the families who make up our farming community really know how to look after their own and I was made to feel a part of that at this wedding.  Everyone treated each other like family! Hannah and Tim were so hospitable and made sure we were all cared for, which was very kind, thank you!

You guys are such a lovely and well matched couple.  It was a pleasure to capture your wedding day and I wish you all the best together with your beautiful little Florence.

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  1. Just thought I’d take a trip down memory lane! I love looking at our photos, I spend so much time reminiscing the day and your photos have really captured every special moment. Thank you so much again! We now have a new addition to our family, baby John, he’s a laid back little star! We hope you’re keeping well, all the best, Han & Tim x

    1. Hannah, that’s fantastic news, congratulations! It sounds like Baby John takes after his mum then?! It’s so nice to hear from you and I can’t believe how quickly time has flown by. I do a lot of my weddings up in your neck of the woods still, so hopefully will see you all in the future! Take care and all the best in parenthood x

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