Johnny & Sarah

I had a wonderful time photographing the wedding of John and Sarah on the 22nd of September.  It was a day of glorious sunshine amidst a week of rubbish rain and flooding so everyone was full of cheer- mind you, that was probably more because they were celebrating the marriage of a great couple!

We started off at the work place of our bride in Beauty Fields, Dudley.  Not only did she get pampered and prepped for the day ahead along with her lovely bridesmaids but she also floated around the salon answering the phone, booking appointments like a normal day at work!  So after a very chilled out morning getting ready, Sarah practically jumped into her wedding dress to get to the hall for 1.30 and she looked outstanding.  After a beautiful ceremony we headed off to Lower Hall in Worfield in Bridgnorth for the welcoming drinks and main photos.

The gardens were spectacular, and gave ample opportunities for shots.  I decided to bring along some props to play with and we created a picnic scene for the couple photos.  It worked wonderfully with the backdrop.  John and Sarah were so much fun to work with, they were literally bounding around the gardens full of energy…and maybe champagne!

The evening reception was held at Worfield Village Hall where we did an interesting version of the ‘cutting of the cake’ with a massive pig roast (probably best for only hard core carnivores to observe!). This was just one of the many touches which gave this wedding such a creative and individual feel, with two lovely people putting their own personality into proceedings. It was a real pleasure to be part of it.

I have known Johnny for a long time and all of you who know him too will agree that he is one of the most lovely and most genuine guys you could ever meet and he has found and wedded a beautiful young lady that is exactly the same as he.  I am so happy for you both, you really do seem made for each other.

I wish you all the best in your future together as man & wife!

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  1. Congratulations Jon and Sarah! What a great day! We’ll have to catch up, when we get back from NYC.

    Well done on the photos Sabina! They’re beautiful! Bravo!

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