Joe & October

I had the privilege of shooting photos at wedding of October Wilcock (aka, Tobie) and Joe Doyle on the 28th of September.  This was a big deal.  Not only have they been together for over 6 years but it was the first wedding out of all of the siblings on either side of the family!

When I arrived at Tobie’s house in the little Herefordshire village of Leintwardine, hair and makeup was underway.  I was amazed at how laid back Tobie was.  While her lovely bridesmaids weregetting made up, she was making us all cups of tea and trying to feed me croissants and jam (which of course I was obliged to have – you can’t say ‘no’ to the Bride!).  I adored the little floral headdresses that all the girls wore, a little token to Tobie’s bohemian side!

We moved onto her family home down the road at Downton, where the wedding dress was being kept.  Now, I’ve known Tobie for a couple of years so I hope this wasn’t too inappropriate but while taking photos of her getting into her wedding dress I was quite taken aback and found myself saying something like “you’ve got an AMAZING bottom, Tobs!”.  These are photos I would like to share with you all but she’s quite the lady and probably wouldn’t appreciate such exploitation – so they are for Joe’s eyes only I’m afraid!

The ceremony was held at Shobdon Church, which was so pretty.  It was like someone had broken in and Shabby Chic’ed the whole place white, although I don’t think that is what actually happened!  Some lovely readings were given and our bride got a little teary during her vows – which then set everyone else off.  An amusing guest appearance was made by their friends little girl – although I don’t think the Bride & Groom even noticed!

After group photos and confetti, we went down to a beautiful lake on the parish grounds for the couple shots and some rather cheeky pics in a VW camper van.  Then onto the reception which was being held on a friends farm-land in a fabulously decked out marquee.  The food, drink and speeches all went down wonderfully and we got some great photos of the Groomsmen after this with their colourful socks.  I love it when we get to use surrounding farm equipment as props, it makes for such unique pictures.

The evening ‘do’ went down a storm with a very cool live band – I have never seen such a talented lead guitarist (I may have been gawping somewhat!) and Daddy Wilcock surprised everyone with a special drumming performance that seriously rocked!  Some talented DJ’s lead the night on into the wee hours of the morning until, I hear, the final few had to make a dash for it as they were being fastened up inside the marquee!

What an absolutely awesome wedding.

It’s a very precious thing to see a couple like Joe & Tobie, who have spent many years together now and you can see they are the perfect fit.  They are best friends as well as husband and wife now.  I wish you all the best Mr & Mrs Doyle.

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