Tim & Becki

On the 8th of March I had the pleasure of shooting my first wedding of the season with a totally lovely couple, Becki & Tim, who had an absolutely lurrrrvely reception venue but let’s start at the beginning of the day…

I knocked on the door of what I presumed was the Bride’s family home – a man answered, looking at me completely baffled as to who I was and what I was doing on his doorstep.  Dread flooded over me thinking I had the wrong address but then he burst out laughing – it was only the Father of the Bride playing a prank – thanks Jeremy!

So the atmosphere of the morning was full of fun and good cheer while I toddled off to take accessory shots (I particularly loved the old fashioned dolls house in Becki’s former room with which I used as a setting for the bridal shoes!)

When it came to getting Becki into her beautiful wedding dress, tears started to flow from both Mum and Bride – I was really moved by their closeness.  Once make-up was re-touched, Becki provided us with a very enjoyable and unique experience in playing some songs on her mini grand piano.  It made for a very beautiful scene – like something out of a period drama with Becki in all her finery.  I believe this was cause for a second re-touch of make-up for Mother of the Bride, Alison!

For the ceremony we travelled to Yate Kingdom Hall of Jehovah’s Witnesses where the Father of the Bride doubled as the registrar.  I can imagine it’s a rather difficult thing to sign your daughter away to the protection of another man – good job he likes Tim then really!

On to the venue we went where the poor VW Camper van they were using nearly conked out half way up a hill.  Shame it didn’t actually, that would have made for a good pic having the Bride and Groom pushing it up!  But we arrived safe and sound at the stunning Tortworth Court in South Gloucestershire.  With the sun flooding across the gardens we went straight into doing the couple’s shots.  The wedding party dined in the Orangery which was a gorgeous glass roofed Victorian building and then for the evening party, they moved onto the star studded ceiling marquee.

After welcoming their evening guests and cutting the cake, Becki surprised Tim with what looked like a whole new wedding dress as she strode onto the dance floor – She had in fact stripped off what was a detachable lace layer to reveal a very chic and foxy dress!  Once the dancing was under way, there was no stopping them all, so me and my mum Tania (second photographer) slipped away as they carried on partying into the night.

The fabulous end to an amazing wedding day.


2 thoughts on “Tim & Becki

  1. What wonderful pictures.
    More tears I’m afraid!

    You and your mum were brilliant on the day and we can’t thank you enough.
    Really looking forward to seeing the rest of the photo’s

  2. I was invited to Tim and Beck’s wedding but unable to attend – I love them both and I too am a Jehovah’s Witness. Wow your photographs are amazing – captured many different parts of the occasion. You truly are very professional and photographs are so important because of the reminders of what will be one of the most special days in T & B’s lives. I am very impressed but then the camera doesn’t lie and Tim and Becki are very attractive people which helps!!

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