Jake & Poppy

On the 17th of October, our darling friend Mr Jacob Beadle got married to the beautiful Poppy Fleet.  It was such a lovely crisp Autumn day and I had the pleasure of being a guest as well as getting to take photos during my favourite part of the day – the couple shots!

We were invited to Wyndcliffe Court in Chepstow for the reception to indulge in a delightful afternoon tea and music played by some rather talented family members.  The whole day was so relaxed and chilled out – but that sums up Jake in a nutshell!

I was so moved by the Speeches when our lovely boy got ‘totes emosh’…I don’t think I’ve seen him in any other mode other than smiley or laughing his high pitched giggles!  I’m so proud of you guys.  You have found best friends in each other and seeing you together on your wedding day just showed how wonderfully suited you are.

I really do wish you so much happiness…although I know you will be! xx


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