Gemma & Calvin

On the 6th of August, I had the pleasure of photographing a local wedding for Gemma and Calvin in the town of Presteigne.

When I arrived at the family home, the bridal party were well underway in getting ready and to my delight, my lovely local beautician Elaine from Elaine’s Beauty Spot was doing up the bride (she looked gorgeous may I add)!

It was a really chilled morning in truth.  I had plenty of time to wander round taking detail shots of Gemma’s accessories and the lovely marquee set up on their home turf.  At one point I was photographing the earrings outside and a tiny bird flew onto my hair atop my head thinking it was a nest, I guess (that’s when I know I gotta go to the hairdressers!). I did love that the garden was teeming with life and flowers though – it was stunning.  The family had worked tirelessly to get their rather large garden ready for the wedding – it was decked out with a bar, a sweetie shack, giant games … the lot.

The ceremony was held at the quaint little church of Discoed on the border of Powys with a prosecco reception afterwards! I was very grateful that the owners of the beautiful homes next to the church let us use their properties as a backdrop for group shots – a wonderful example of old British architecture.

Anyways, before I bore you all to tears with my ramblings, I hope you enjoy looking though my photos.  Look out for the football playing Granny – she was so cool!

Many congratulations Gemma & Calvin.  It was such a beautiful day and a joy to photograph you and your lovely family!

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