Melissa & Matthew

This past weekend on the 30th of July, I travelled to the scenic hamlet of Dolfor where Melissa and Matthew were getting married!

Both families are from the farming community, so I knew this was going to be a big one…and indeed it was!  Thankfully they had a majestic marquee from our local supplier accasion marquees to cater for the numbers!  I loved that it had clear windows overlooking the breathtaking scenery of the welsh countryside.  They couldn’t have chosen a better spot!

We were positioned in one of their fields, which was just a stones throw away from the barns.  Now, when I met up with Matthew and Melissa previously to discuss photo locations, I saw the bales of hay, all laid out to dry.  I asked whether they’d mind keeping the bales as they were and not stack them … they may have thought I was crazy at the time … but I love the couples shots in the barn!  These scenes would be something rather ordinary to those growing up on a farm but there’s a real rustic beauty that surrounds these places and I hope you’ll agree!  I was extremely impressed that when it came to taking these photos – Melissa jumped up on a trailer, slipped off her shoes and clambered up on the bales, bouncing from one to the other like she wasn’t in a huge wedding dress, but a little girl again at play!

Congratulations Melissa & Matthew, you had a beautiful wedding and I wish you every happiness for your future together.



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