Giles & Stephanie

Well, what a gorgeous wedding this was!  Giles and Stephanie are such a lovely couple – genuinely nice people and adorable together.

On the 9th of December I ventured over to Weobley church to meet Giles and his groomsmen.  They were looking dapper in the family tartan – but where were the kilts boys?!  (Maybe being nearly 0º is a valid excuse.)

Anyhoo, the ceremony was beautiful – a harpist strum, hymns were sung, confetti was lobbed – all good stuff!  The way the way the bride and groom looked at each other though, that was my favourite part … such love in those eyes!

So, off to the stunning Brinsop Court we went for their reception. Its a real hidden gem of a place! I had not been to this venue before and hadn’t heard about it – despite it being not that far from my home town – but I really recommend it!  It gave a delightful backdrop for the group and couple shots – the 14th Century pink courtyard was awesome!

Giles & Stephanie did so well despite the freezing temperatures, their smiles were fixed on their joyful faces – or maybe frozen, I should have checked that actually. I could have taken photos of them all day but alas, I was only there for a half day!  So I left them to it upon the arrival of their wedding breakfast.

Giles, & Stephanie, although we only spent 4 hours together, it was a pleasure to be in your company and take your photos.  You are a wonderful couple and I wish you every happiness in your marriage together!

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