Kellie & Callum

What a brilliant little session I had at Squirrels Nest once again. I was used for a snap shot of the day to cover getting ready shots, ceremony, family and group shots!

This was a lovely intimate wedding set in a treehouse overlooking the rolling hills of Powys. It really is a stunning spot. We were high enough to be above the thick fog lying below to enjoy the winter sunshine!

Many congratulations to Kellie & Callum and your beautiful little bubba that’ll be here before you know it!

Jemma & Matt

I had the pleasure of photographing Matt & Jemma’s wedding last month. This lovely pair got married in one of the beautiful Squirrels Nest treehouses, having an intimate ceremony with close family.

It was wonderful to see a wedding stripped back to being just about the couple, their vows, their love and getting wed – Boom!

However … it turns out that these guys are very popular. So, they gave their friends a re-enactment of the wedding! And I was invited to come capture this too.

Quite contrasting to the rolling hills of Powys, Wales, we were in the heart of urban Liverpool at Tempest on Tithebarn Street.

Despite the showers, all the guests were up on the open roof terrace for the ceremony. Nothing could stop their celebration of Jemma and Matt! A much loved couple for sure!

So, to you Jemma & Matt, I wish you every happiness in your marriage together … keep up the fun and frolics! And thank you for giving me two epic weddings to shoot!


Michelle & Gregory

After being married for 10 years, Michelle & Gregory had a vow renewal at the gorgeous Squirrels Nest!

With their three beautiful boys, they hired one of the treehouses and had an intimate ceremony out in the stunning grounds.

They performed what is called a ‘sand ceremony’ which I’d not seen before! Each different colour sand poured into the decanter represents someone within their family. It was really sweet! After that they released some doves…another things I’d not seen done before at a wedding!

This was such a lovely day for the family and I hope the photos I captured will remind them of that for years to come.

Congratulations Michelle & Gregory for rocking 10 years of marriage!