Dawn & Liam

Well this shoot was pulled right out of a fairy tale! The lovely Dawn and Liam were celebrating their 15th wedding anniversary with a vow renewal at Squirrel’s Nest. It was even performed on the exact date and time of their wedding!

They read each other words of devotion and gratitude, performed a hand fasting ceremony and released some wee butterflies. Of course there was champagne and cake too! It was a beautiful day for them to focus on each other and enjoy a peaceful and intimate celebration. What better place to do it in too?!

It was a pleasure to shoot this special occasion for you Dawn & Liam! I wish you many more happy years to come!

Michelle & Gregory

After being married for 10 years, Michelle & Gregory had a vow renewal at the gorgeous Squirrels Nest!

With their three beautiful boys, they hired one of the treehouses and had an intimate ceremony out in the stunning grounds.

They performed what is called a ‘sand ceremony’ which I’d not seen before! Each different colour sand poured into the decanter represents someone within their family. It was really sweet! After that they released some doves…another things I’d not seen done before at a wedding!

This was such a lovely day for the family and I hope the photos I captured will remind them of that for years to come.

Congratulations Michelle & Gregory for rocking 10 years of marriage!