About the photographer

Thanks for considering me. I hope you enjoy having a browse through my work. Before any thought of hiring me, though, you may well want to know a little bit about the girl behind the lens, so here goes.

Neé Sabina Miller, I tied the knot in 2010 to my darling hubby Dan, and now go by the name of Sabina Kinghorn (I’m a devoted wife indeed!). I moved to Herefordshire after we married, subsequently moving to the sleepy town of Knighton, Powys, staying in the wider Marches area. I’d previously spent my whole life in Glastonbury, Somerset; not much difference really, just fewer bare-footed hippies!

I adore taking photos, and in particular wedding photos. It’s such a privilege to photograph the emotional, the romantic and those special secret moments of one of the most important days in your life. Love and devotion is such a rare combination found these days, so when you have that and you celebrate it with the bond of matrimony, I want to capture that day and make images as beautiful as marriage itself.

Anyway, before I get too carried away with flouncy poetic words, back to the facts. I’m a happy and creative girl. I studied Fine Art and Photography which I use hand in hand when doing a wedding. I’m proud to say I won awards for my photography. I have been shooting weddings since 2004. I’ve had the privilege of playing a part in many weddings over both England and Wales, the details of which you can find on my blog.

It’s a bit of a cliché to claim to be a ‘people’ person, but I do find that I get on with generally anyone! That’s me in a nutshell really. If you’d like to know any more please feel free to drop me a line.