Leanne & Sam

This past weekend, on the 2nd of August, I travelled up to Carno to capture the wedding of Leanne Jerman & Sam Griffiths.  As I was driving there, it was absolutely pouring down with rain and I prepared myself for a good challenging day!

When I arrived at the family home, Leanne and all the girls were casually getting ready, most of the hair and make-up already done – I was mightily impressed!  One thing I had been wondering about on the way to Hendre Fach, was what prank would have been played on the bride-to-be, which is the custom among the YFC!  Leanne feared for her cat’s safety and she was right to…Apparently some stealthy young farmers came into her house while she was out and sprayed the cat blue!  I only wish I could have seen the cat to document it.

The morning went by without a hitch and before we knew it, it was time to get to the Chapel – which was just down the bottom of their lane (handy!).  By this point, the skies had cleared and the sun was out and it behaved itself for the rest of the afternoon while we were outside doing all the photos – YAY!

The ceremony was packed with friends and family, but there was a balcony I could escape up to in order to see.  Leanne and Sam had two lovely Vicars to take them through their wedding ceremony.  I thought it was really sweet that the elderly Vicar, whom the families had all grown up with, made sure that he was a part of marrying Leanne & Sam, despite his age and frailty.  This must have meant a lot to all of them.  It was also very moving when a friend of Leanne’s closed the ceremony with a beautiful bit of opera.

I think my favourite part of the day was listening to the speeches – you know they’re good when your cheeks are aching from laughing so much.  Not only did they have 5 arranged speeches but others then added their own afterwards – it was clear this Carno couple are well loved!  There were so many fantastic things about this wedding though.  All the decor that Leanne created herself was amazing!  I loved that they had so many children there (two of them were their nieces all the way from Australia) as you will see, the little tinkers certainly made for some amusing shots!  It really felt like I was standing amidst a very loving and close-knit community – something that is quite rare these days.

Leanne, I thought you looked absolutely stunning, and Sam you looked pretty dapper too, but most of all it’s clear you guys are an awesome couple!  Thank you for having me as your photographer and I wish you a very happy future as Mr & Mrs Griffiths!



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