Tom & Hannah

On Wednesday the 6th of August I photographed the wedding of Tom Pugh & Hannah Love.  For those of you who don’t know this lovely couple and are wondering, ‘Why a Wednesday?!’, Tom is from the renowned Knighton family butchers and in our sleepy little town, we still hold the tradition of half day Wednesdays…So only losing a half day at the butchers was much better for our carnivorous Knightonians!

The wedding was held at the stunning location of Walcot Hall in Lydbury North, Shropshire.  I can’t stress enough how much I loved this place – it had so many beautiful little areas for photos, and the house itself was filled with quirky antiques!  So I started my day with Hannah in the Bridal Suite at Walcot and as we had plenty of time before the ceremony kicked off, I got chance to roam around the big corridors to take photos of various accessories that Hannah was going to wear.  (I did check with her whether she found the old rocking horses creepy or not!)

Despite the fact that Hannah has been with Tom for 10 years and has two beautiful little girls, her nerves were brewing.  She didn’t like the idea of being centre of attention!  She did very well to distract herself by doing her own make-up and that of her Maid of Honour, Clare, and before we knew it, her six remaining bridesmaids were piling into the room and getting very emotional at the sight of their sister/aunty in her bridal dress!

Thankfully, the weather stayed dry enough for them to have the outdoor ceremony they were desiring.  Cast in front of a beautiful fountain, Hannah walked down towards the aisle, taking a few more deep breaths before she joined Tom (who was slightly teary eyed!).  After the ceremony, while the guests were distracted by Pimms, I took Tom and Hannah off for their couple shots.  Despite both of them having quite a shy disposition, they both did really well…at one point, they did so well in distracting themselves with conversation, they zoned out from my direction!

There were so many great locations for photos. I loved the Groomsmen shots with the wood chopping shed, and then they managed to coax Tom on to the Lion!  The Summer House was gorgeous for the Bridesmaid shots, I especially like the one of Hannah with her girls behind her.  I think one of my favourites, however, is the one of her niece reacting to the sight of their dessert platter – what a cutie!  I’ll wrap things up now though and let you decide for yourselves which one is your favourite!

This wedding had a real sense of family closeness and I think that is what made the day so special.  The black and white photo of Tom & Hannah with their girls on the dance floor sums it up beautifully!

Tom & Hannah, you guys make a wonderful family and I hope your marriage makes you feel even more complete.  Many congratulations and I wish you both all the best for your future…

See you in Tuffins!

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