Jemma & Richard

I had the pleasure of shooting Jemma & Richards wedding on the 9th of September in Cheltenham!

It was stunning at the Cotswold Grange Hotel where Jemma was getting ready with her mum, sister and daughter. She was the ultimate chilled Bride and a dream to photograph!

So we had a lovely start to the day and the mighty rain showers ended before we left for the ceremony – yay!

It was a really beautiful area where we got to take the couples shots in Northleach – the old stone architecture was delightful, but alas the rain started again and we scarpered on to the reception venue.

Thankfully the rain didn’t last long and the day rolled on as intended.  We got some gorgeous sunset shots and the fireworks … my my. Most epic, lengthy display I’ve seen yet!

Jemma and Richard were a wonderful couple to photograph. So sweet together and so happy

Guys, thank you for having me as your photographer – It was such a lovely day!  Congratulations and and best wishes to your marital bliss!


Lynsey & Shaun

On the 25th of August I had the pleasure of shooting my most local wedding yet!  Lynsey & Shaun live just outside Knighton in Whitton.  This is where we lay our scene for the rest of the day!

Lynsey is such a sweet girl and she was so excited on the morning of the wedding – it was a delight to spend time with her and her lovely bridesmaid and parents!  I got to split my time between her family home, where she was getting ready, and their cottage just down the lane, where Shaun was getting ready!

Just as I was going down to take more photos with the Groom, we recieved some awful news.  Poor Shaun had just been stung badly by a wasp and needed medical assistance.  The ceremony had to be delayed while he was being seen to by the paramedics.  Lynsey was in an absolute panic but her bridesmaid was an amazing support in calming her down – what a treasure.

So, Shaun was able to get to the ceremony but it had to be shortened.  After than he needed to go to hospital 🙁

Looking back through the photos, Lynsey was so strong – she kept that smile on her face and soldiered on.

The celebrated return of Shaun got the evening off to a good start  … we still managed some couple shots and Lynsey partied hearty once she knew her boy was o.k.

My highlight of the evening was Lynsey rocking out to ‘A Bat Out Of Hell’ by Meatloaf … what a gal!

I’m really glad things turned to o.k in the end – it was quite scary for a while – but well done for getting through it Shaun and Lynsey.  You’re a wonderful couple and I wish you every happiness in your married life together. x

Danielle & Dominic

On the 19th of August I travelled to Albrighton Hall Hotel in Shrewsbury for Danielle & Dominic’s wedding.

They are such a sweet couple and just adoring of each other … so I was looking forward to this day!

They had planned to have the wedding outside in the grounds but sadly the heavens opened up in the morning and their plan was foiled!  This didn’t stop a beautiful ceremony however and them successfully tying the knot.

Thankfully things dried up afterwards so that we could make use of the beautiful grounds for photos.  The couple were a delight to take photos of, they are just two genuinely lovely people!

It was funny documenting the age old tradition of the bride lobbing her bouquet behind her to the competitive ladies massed together … this seems to be making a comeback at the moment!

All in all, this was a wonderful wedding – the icing on the cake (not literally) was a big ol’ confetti bomb during their first dance – don’t worry, no harm came to the Bride & Groom in the making of these shots!  🙂

Congrats Danielle and Dominic!