Jess & Jarrod

I had the privilege of shooting the lovely Jess and Jarrod’s wedding on the 21st of September!

I was with them for a half day – so capturing the biggest and best bits!

It was a delight to nip into the Wyre Forest for the couple shots.  It was such a beautiful sunny day so the light was streaming through the trees – idyllic!

I know Jess a little, and from what I discerned, she is a sweet, mild, demure young lady! But y’know, it’s lovely to get to spend time with the Bride and Groom on their wedding day – you always get to have a greater insight into their characters.  With Jess, their is more courage and inner strength than you can shake a stick at –  I felt bizarrely proud!  And Jarrod is just such a genuinely kind and lovely guy!

I wish you both all the happiness in your marriage … and all the adventures Australia can throw at you!

(They’ve moved to Oz if this last sentence confuses you!)